A Quick take on Crohn’s Disease

The immune system is probably the most integral system that helps us resist onslaught of diseases. A fever, which could have prolonged for days together, just takes hours to disappear. But there are times when the very immune system, responsible for our wellbeing could turn out to be counterproductive. The illness caused by this process is called an autoimmune ailment. When the immune system attacks a particular organ of the body, considering it to be an enemy, then this illness occurs.

One such autoimmune system is the Crohn’s disease. It affects the bowels and inflames any region from the mouth to the anus. This autoimmune disease occurs sporadically in an individual. The age group below thirty years is more prone to its ill effects. Any familial history of this illness is also a reason for its contraction.


The symptoms of Crohn’s disease include blood on your stools, losing weight rapidly, ulcers in the intestinal tract, anemia, high fever, bloating up of stomach due to gas formation and pain in the lower abdominal region. It is also at times accompanied by materialization of external symptoms like inflammation around the eyes and skin rashes.


A rather defective immune system that retaliates against the very body parts it is supposed to protect, can at best surmise the cause of Crohn’s disease. The leaky gut syndrome, improper diet, dysbiosis and external toxic insults are also rumoured to be a reason for a defective immune system though the exact reasons are unknown.


It is quite difficult to nurse this illness as there is no speedy cure. It is better to consult a doctor and get the right prescribed remedies before implementing them. The intensity of the pain afflicted depends on one individual from another. While it may be mild in one, it is profound in another. To reduce the inflammatory effects, a certain type of diet should also be abided by. Wheat and dairy products are generally prohibited in the diet of these patients.

homeopathic_remediesCertain antioxidants like Vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E are given in the form of powdered supplements. Antioxidants are in actual fact useful as they prevent oxidative damage and slow down the process of cellular destruction.

Intake of essential fatty acids like fish oil and flax is vital for diminishing inflammation, dry skin, and gas and bloating. It is advisable to store them in refrigerator so as to prevent rancidity.

Homeopathic treatment for Crohn’s can also be incorporated albeit with prior consultation as they result in several side effects. It has its basis on the philosophy that the body can recover on its own. It is a medical procedure that induces the remedy in small doses. If the dosage is increased, then there are chances of a healthy person contracting the symptoms of the sick person. For Crohn’s disease, the aqueous forms of Aloe Socotrina, Arsencium Album and Mercurius Corrosivus must be administered.

So be cautious in both detecting the warning signs as well as in zeroing in on the most apt remedy according to the patient’s reaction to the ailment.

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