Asthma attacks leave children gasping

Asthma is a chronic disease affecting many persons in childhood. It is inflammation of the lungs and air passages carrying air to the lungs. Swollen air passages and mucus blocking them make breathing difficult and asthma is the result. The child begins to breathe quickly, wheeze, cough, or whistle through the breath as air has to be pushed through the narrowed down air passages. Asthma is more acute in children because their air passages are smaller compared to the adults. Asthma puts many restrictions on children. They cannot play or be active like other normal children. This affects their life adversely.

Aggravating factors

Exposure to pollens can aggravate the symptoms of asthma. Cold air, viral infections like the common cold, tobacco smoke and pollutants worsen the acuteness of asthma in children. Some children get asthma attacks only when they are suffering from a cold or a respiratory infection. Some others suffer asthma attacks when they come in contact with an allergen or with cigarette smoke. When a child keeps coughing or wheezing after playing or running for some time, it could possibly be a case of exercise-induced asthma.


What is asthma?

Lungs are located on both sides of the chest. Air inhaled through the nose reaches the lungs through the trachea. The trachea feeds both the lungs. It ends up through innumerable bronchioles in sacs called alveoli, where carbon dioxide is replaced with oxygen. In asthma patients, spasm affecting the bronchioles blocks oxygen from going across. This is acute asthma. The child will keep coughing, have difficulty in breathing, and feel extreme weakness. The nostrils flare up and the skin could begin to look bluish.

The causes

The causes include allergies to food, industrial pollutants, chemicals, pollen, dust, fungi, and smoke. Viral, fungal or bacterial infections too cause asthma in some children. A running nose, cold, sneezing, sore throat, blocked nose, and fever are among the symptoms of asthma. The resultant cough and congestion cause chest spasm.

Homeopathy treats immune system

Homeopathic remedies find the root of the problem and treat it there.  Homeopathic remedies are prepared from natural substances and so they have no toxicity of any sort. Some systems favor use of anti-histamines against allergies. Homoeopaths feel that all that the anti-histamines can do is to suppress the allergy, not cure it. Homoeopathy treats the patients and their suffering. It treats immune system.


Effective treatment

Asthma in children homeopathic treatment cuts down the frequency of asthma attacks significantly. It reduces the severity of the attacks and their duration. Homeopathic medicines help to bring down the use of steroid inhalers. The frequency of common cold too is brought down.

Homeopathy drugs

Among the effective drugs used by homeopaths to treat children are thuja occidentalis, antimonium tartaricum, kali carbonicum, natrum sulph, arsenic album and sambucus. Most of the drugs used by homeopaths are prepared from natural plants. Arsenic album is more effective in curing asthma attacks past midnight. The severity of such attacks increases as the night progresses. Sambucus is effective in cases of suffocative spells of asthma, in which the child wakes up feeling suffocated and turns blue. Paroxysms of cough leave the child crying. But one should never take any drug without consultation of homeopathy doctor.

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