Asthma in Children and its Treatments

Asthma is very common nowadays and affecting almost five percent of the total population. The saddest thing is that most of the patients suffering from asthma are children. When one is affected with asthma, the bronchial tube gets narrowed making breathing a difficult task. Chest tightness, cough, wheezing, short breathing, etc. are the common symptoms of asthma. The symptoms will be clearer when a patient had to work hard. Asthma may cause by allergies or it can be hereditary. In any case, treatment should be done immediately; otherwise the normal life will get affected a lot.


When a child is found to be got affected with asthma, it should be taken more seriously. There are many tests to identify the type of asthma. This is more important for the treatment. Once the type of asthma is confirmed, then the treatment can be started immediately.

Conventional Treatment

As mentioned earlier, asthma is the condition when the bronchial tube gets narrower. The conventional method of treatment is mainly using inhalers to widen this tube. When some inhalers work on muscles and allow more airflow, others prevent the accumulation of further debris inside the tube by preventing further inflammation. Both these inhalers are good when the asthma is not severe. When the asthma is severe, the conventional methods of treatments will control or reduce the symptoms but cannot cure the disease completely. Moreover, applying inhalers to children is not safe as it may have several side effects, and there are chances for the children to become addict to it.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic treatment is always aimed at treating the disease and not the symptoms. Moreover, homeopathic drugs do not have any allergic effects or side effects. The taste of most of the drugs is sweet, and hence the children will certainly love to consume it. Besides all these features, homeopathic treatment is comparatively lesser costly, and hence can be afforded by any class of people. When there is asthma in children, homeopathic treatment is highly recommended. So, one can confer to the fact that for asthma in children homeopathic treatment provides the best option as far as treatment mechanism is concerned.


Homeopathy has various medicines to treat asthma at various levels effectively. It is always better to use the medicines that match with one’s lifestyle, psyche and the conditions of the surroundings where he or she will be living. In homeopathy, it is very easy to find out such medicines. When you approach a homeopathic expert, apart from examining your physical conditions, he or she will ask several questions related to your lifestyle, food habits, etc. This is being done to identify the most suitable medicine for the patient, and thus to make the treatment more effective.

Unlike, in the case of conventional methods of treatments, homeopathic treatment ensures a permanent cure for asthma. There will not be any need to use inhalers in future. Hence, it is highly recommended for the children. They have been affected with this dreaded disease in the early ages and that should not affect their future any more. Hence, you should always look for a permanent cure and only homeopathy can provide it.

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