Asthma in Children, causes, symptoms and treatments

20140405_blp505Asthma is a chronic airway inflammation that narrows the airways in due course of time. It is one of the most common chronic diseases in childhood, and nowadays the rate of asthma patients is increasing among the children.


Many genetic and environmental factors are causing asthma. Air pollution, various allergies, and some chemicals in the environment are the major environmental causes for asthma in children. Smoking during pregnancy is stated to be other reason. Exposure to indoor organic compounds and low quality air also causes asthma. Many different genes are causing asthma and it can be come hereditary also. A thorough diagnosis is required to identify the cause and the treatment should be to the cause.


Just like the causes, there are different symptoms also for asthma. However, the major symptoms of asthma in children are cough and wheezing. Frequent cough is a symptom and when it is the only symptom, the disease is called as cough-variant asthma. The wheezing will produce whistling noise in high pitch. Other general symptoms of asthma in children are difficulty in breathing, chest tightness and poor exercise endurance. Symptoms will be more visible during night time and the children will really suffer a lot with sleepless nights. Thus, the asthma in children may result in many other diseases if not treated on time.


There are different treatments for asthma. Apart from the medicines in the modern medical science, there are several home remedies are also being used in different parts of the world. Several herbal drugs are found to be effective, though these should not be used without consulting a medical practitioner. In modern medical science, there are several effective medicines which can fight asthma. However, the first step in the treatment should be to find out the cause of the disease. The treatment should be given to the cause and not the disease. That is what is being done in homeopathy.

Homeopathy for asthma in children is found to be very effective. First of all, children will always love to take the medicines as most of the medicines in homeopathy are sweet in taste. Secondly, they are either powder or very small pills, which are easy to consume. Side effects are also less or nil in case of homeopathic medicines. Another advantage for homeopathy treatment is that it is less expensive when compared with the modern treatments. Thus, it can be afforded by any class of people.

Children are considered the most valuable gift presented to us by the god and the future of the world is totally depending on them. Hence, it is necessary to bring up a healthy generation. Here is the importance of taking care of the health of the children. Frequent medical checkups are necessary and if any small uneasiness is being found in them, it is necessary to identify the cause and treat the same. Homeopathy will be the better choice for children due to many reasons as stated above. As there are many manufacturers producing homeopathic medicines around the world, there will not be any difficulty in getting the medicines too.

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