Asthma in children homeopathic treatment – “an urge for vitality”

“Asthma” is the most widespread and unrelieved disease in children. Bronchial tubes and lungs get affected by the inflammation. Swelling in the tubes and blockage through condense mucus leads to trouble breathing.

Sources of asthma –

  • Allergens (pollen, strong fragrance, dust, animal dander)
  • Freezing air
  • Viral Infection
  • All kind of air pollutants – smoke, fog and many more

Signs of Asthma –

  • Hasty breathing, sneezing, snoring, whistling, coughing or whizzing
  • Often attack occurs at night while the child is sleeping
  • Attacks are more frequent during weather change
  • Chest muscle sucks inside during every breath
  • Agonizing pain in chest due to continuous coughing
  • Eczema children are more prone to asthma
  • Skin turns blue

Childrens-AllergiesDoes your child suffer from any of these symptoms mentioned above? Does your child enable to play because of strenuous breathing? Does he enclose the confidence of exchanging blows with asthma? No matter what all your child has suffered in past but it’s time to rejoice now.  Homeopathy has been proved as a boon for treating the suffocative disease like asthma.

Asthma in children homeopathy treatment is most effectual for this. Homeopathy consider person as a whole and treats man in disease. It is based on the case study of medical records, psychological status, family history and symptoms of disease in the patient. Homeopathy accepts as true that natural drugs can trigger the immune system of the patient and can cure it completely.

With these paranormal ways, would you like to have a look on those remedies which bring this treatment into action? Here comes the list –

Natrum Sulph – This is an effectual homeopathic medicine for asthma in children. It is prescribed when attack is observed in prevailing humid weather.

It is given when attack occurs during humid climate. Child faces problem in walking, intense coughing and thick mucus hurts chest in coughing and this result into pain in the chest. High congestion in the chest is found. Commencement of winter aggravates this problem more.

HomeopathySambucus – This is the main homeopathic medicine applicable in Millar’s asthma in children. Child turns pale blue, faces problem in breathing, intense sweating occurs on waking and skin becomes dry. Breast feed child can’t be fed because of high congestion and nose blockage, he starts crying as he is unable to breath.

Chamomile – Chamomile is suggested when child suffers from arid cough and wheezes during the day, child is generally short tempered, cough rigorously when he is annoyed and his face turns red in the panic situation.

Arsenic Album – This is another genuine remedy for asthma in children. Arsenic is suggested usually when attacks occur in night. Child suffers from suffocation due to blockage of his respiratory passage with mucus. Child faces difficulty in lying down. Problem exacerbate after mid night. Dry cough is there but can’t be spitted out. Child faces chest burn and intense pain.

Although you are now aware about major remedies and its symptoms for asthma in children but still self medication should be avoided and an experienced homeopath should be preferred before going on medication.

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