Asthma in Children and its Treatments

Asthma is very common nowadays and affecting almost five percent of the total population. The saddest thing is that most of the patients suffering from asthma are children. When one is affected with asthma, the bronchial tube gets narrowed making breathing a difficult task. Chest tightness, cough, wheezing, short breathing, etc. are the common symptoms […]

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Is homeopathic treatment the best course of action?


Asthma patients are known to suffer from allergies and they tend to experience wheezing problems. The homeopathy approach for treatment of this disease is known to improve the health at deeper levels, and at the same time, eliminates the tendency towards asthma. The remedies associated with it prevent a patient from any form of serious […]

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Reasons as to why Homeopathy works


Homeopathy is not a new thing and is a treatment that is carried out more than 200 years ago. The allopathic scientific community had been opposing fiercely against it claiming that there is no scientific base as to explain why this particular treatment works. Understanding how homeopathy works • Does homeopathy remedy have medicinal effect […]

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The way homeopathic Asthma treatments are being carried out

Asthma is caused when lungs contract and is not able to freely take in gallons of oxygen. This adversely affects free breathing. Attacks of asthma is signaled by a wheeze sound which you can hear and you experience palpitations. In the sense, you are not able to breathe steadily. It makes you feel quite heavy. […]

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Asthma in children homeopathic treatment – “an urge for vitality”

“Asthma” is the most widespread and unrelieved disease in children. Bronchial tubes and lungs get affected by the inflammation. Swelling in the tubes and blockage through condense mucus leads to trouble breathing. Sources of asthma – Allergens (pollen, strong fragrance, dust, animal dander) Freezing air Viral Infection All kind of air pollutants – smoke, fog […]

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