Is homeopathic treatment the best course of action?


Asthma patients are known to suffer from allergies and they tend to experience wheezing problems. The homeopathy approach for treatment of this disease is known to improve the health at deeper levels, and at the same time, eliminates the tendency towards asthma. The remedies associated with it prevent a patient from any form of serious […]

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Homeopathic relief for asthma


Asthma attacks leave patients breathing with great difficulty. An asthma attack can be rooted in an allergy, viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, emotional stress or by occupational hazards such as working in an atmosphere full of various allergens affecting the patient. The bronchial tubes get constricted and make breathing that much more difficult. […]

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Reasons as to why Homeopathy works


Homeopathy is not a new thing and is a treatment that is carried out more than 200 years ago. The allopathic scientific community had been opposing fiercely against it claiming that there is no scientific base as to explain why this particular treatment works. Understanding how homeopathy works • Does homeopathy remedy have medicinal effect […]

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The way homeopathic Asthma treatments are being carried out

Asthma is caused when lungs contract and is not able to freely take in gallons of oxygen. This adversely affects free breathing. Attacks of asthma is signaled by a wheeze sound which you can hear and you experience palpitations. In the sense, you are not able to breathe steadily. It makes you feel quite heavy. […]

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Trusted and Reliable Homeopathic Treatment For Asthma In Children

“Asthma” is a curse especially if it happens in childhood. Due to the blocked air passage and swollen bronchus it makes breathing very suffocation. It’s really throbbing to see your child suffering from the troubled breathing and indecent nap because of attacks at night. Asthma inhibits child mainly from outdoor games, exercise and regular tiring […]

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Different homeopathic remedies for asthma in children

Childhood Asthma is not life threatening but still its symptoms is soo pathetic that they restrict children from enjoying their childhood. It limits the enjoyment, games and other activities of children where more exhausting breathing is required. In the chronic condition bronchus are swollen which in turn causes difficulty in air passage in lungs and […]

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Asthma in Children, causes, symptoms and treatments

Asthma is a chronic airway inflammation that narrows the airways in due course of time. It is one of the most common chronic diseases in childhood, and nowadays the rate of asthma patients is increasing among the children. Causes Many genetic and environmental factors are causing asthma. Air pollution, various allergies, and some chemicals in […]

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