Cure your asthma in a safe way with homeopathy

Due to drastic changes made in the life styles of people along with such increased pollution and bad eating habits, people all over the world are suffering from many deadly and fatal diseases. Health disorders like blood pressure, diabetes, heart troubles and many others are prevailing at a fast pace among the people all around the world. Asthma is one such problem that has seen a rapid rise on urban as well as rural areas in last few years. Several studies conducted by various agencies suggest that around 300 million people all over the globe are strangled due to this fatal disease and the numbers can increase significantly in the near future.


Asthma is the name given to the respiratory problem that occurs due to inflammation in the respiratory tract of the body. This inflammation is a result of a hyper active and sensitive immune system. The immune system becomes very active when it comes in direct contact with several foreign elements or particles such as pollens, smoke, pollution or dust. When the bronchial tubes have inflammation, the breathing tract is chocked, and it becomes very difficult to breathe for the patient. The usual symptoms of asthma include coughing, wheezing and lack of breathing ability.

The traditional treatment of asthma include taking anti inflammatory drugs that can reduce inflammation in the bronchial tubes and can show some relief to the patient. Sometimes, using nebulising agents are also effective for providing relief to the patient and allow him to breathe easily. Nebulising agents are available in various forms like inhaling pumps, oral doses, and injections. All the above allopathic drugs do not cure asthma, but they give the patient some temporary relief in case of emergency. Also, taking these drugs for a long time can lead to other health problems as these drugs have many severe side effects. Allopath does not have any permanent treatment for asthma.

Another option that can be good in treating asthma is homeopathic remedies. The treatment of asthma in homeopathy treats the immune system and makes it strong enough so that the patient could withstand usual allergens like pollution and dust. When the immune system of the patient is modified and made strong, he automatically shows reduction of asthma symptoms. The homeopathic remedies do not treat the condition, but they treat the body and the biological system of the patient.


When homeopathic medicines are used, first of all, doctor examines the whole body and system of the patient and then works towards finding the root cause for the problem. When this root cause is found, it is eradicated using various homeopathic medicines and herbs. The best feature of homeopathic treatment is that these medicines are completely free from any side effects and are safe to use. Some patients also think that homeopathic treatment has a very slow effect which is wrong. Some of the homeopathic medicines show results very fast and patients can feel better after taking first dose of the medicine.

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