Different homeopathic remedies for asthma in children

shutterstock_93530611-620x413Childhood Asthma is not life threatening but still its symptoms is soo pathetic that they restrict children from enjoying their childhood. It limits the enjoyment, games and other activities of children where more exhausting breathing is required.

In the chronic condition bronchus are swollen which in turn causes difficulty in air passage in lungs and thus strenuous breathing. Major asthmatic symptoms in children are breathless, coughing and chest tightening. The attack occurs mainly in night while the child is asleep, but don’t worry if your child is suffering from this painful disease. It can be easily cured through homeopathic medicines without causing any side effects. Homeopathic medicines cure asthma from root of their source, so your child can live healthy life ahead.

Let’s have a look on Homeopathic remedies for Asthma in Children-

Natrum Sulph – This is the most effective homeopathic remedy for Asthma in children. It is given when child is suffering from difficulty in respiration which occurs mainly during humid climate. Child faces problem in walking and this result into pain in the chest. Intense coughing and thick mucus hurts chest in coughing. Onset of winter provokes this problem more.

Arsenic Album – This is another authentic remedy for Asthma in children. Usually when attacks occur in night, Arsenic is suggested. Child suffers from suffocation as his respiratory passage is restricted. Child faces difficulty in lying down. Problem worsens after mid night. Dry cough is there but can’t be spitted out. Child faces chest burn.

Sambucus – This is the main homeopathic medicine applicable in Millar’s asthma in children. Child turns blue, has problem in breathing mainly in expiration, skin becomes dry and intense sweating occurs on waking. Breast feed child can’t be fed because child’s nose becomes blocked and he starts crying as he is unable to breath.

These are 3 major homeopathic medicines for curing asthma in children. You can rely on these homeopathic medicines because they boost immune system and its response, completely cure asthma and are palatable.  70% of asthmatic patients are between 2 – 15 years of age group and their parents trust on homeopathic medicines most because they don’t have any side effects.

homeo5Homeopaths also suggest parents for few precautions like –

- Maintain dry surroundings and less humidity at home.

-  Keep surroundings dust free and use air conditioners

- Avoid pets at home

- Pay special attention when climate is changing specially in winters.

- Always keep your child medicine with you as you never know when it will be required.

- Avoid giving ice creams or cold water to child, as it create cough.

- Avoid using strong deodorants or strong fragrance sprays as it may be an allergen for your child and can put him into problem.

- Don’t leave your child alone and tell him not to play more strenuous games.

- Visit your homeopath on regular basis.

Homeopathic medicines along with these precautions will help you in making your child Asthma free and cure it completely. So, be attentive and protect your little ones.

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