Foods to be avoided if allergic to wheat

There are many people who tend to suffer from a specific allergy named wheat allergy. This type of allergy is also called wheat intolerance and is considered to be a condition that occurs while the body resists gluten, a type of protein. Gluten is generally found in wheat. People who suffer from this type of allergy actually are not aware of the fact that they have a very low tolerance towards wheat and are mostly left undiagnosed. Some of the health related ailments caused from wheat allergy are joint pain, skin rashes, digestive health problems, chronic fatigue, including several health issues. Specific foods are said to be best avoided if the person is suffering from wheat allergy. These days one can easily find wheat allergy homeopathic treatment that can help him to get rid of this type of allergy forever and enjoy any type of food without any more restrictions.

91_gluten_sensitivity_wheat_allergy1.jpg1List of foods to be avoided while suffering from wheat related allergic conditions

  • Breads and starches: Most processed breads and starches do contain gluten, a kind of protein that is available in wheat. People facing issues from wheat allergies are required to avoid foods like wheat, flour tortillas, wheat based breads, chips, crackers, cereals and pretzels. Other foods that such people should avoid are rye, barley, oats, kamut, triticale and wheat flour.
  • Dairy products: Every type of dairy product needs to be avoided by people suffering from wheat allergy like yogurt, ice cream, pudding, chocolate drink mixes, malted beverages and processed cheese. Hence, at the time of shopping dairy products, the individual should not forget to check for labels having particular or specific wheat ingredients. However, wheat intolerance should not be actually confused with that of lactose intolerance.
  • Thickening agents: Food products that comprise of a thickening agent and is likely to have gluten should be avoided by people having allergy to wheat. Foods like jams, jellies, syrups, seasoning mixes, dips, chips and steak sauces are best avoided. Other type of food includes cakes, cookies, gravies and fruit pies.
  • Other wheat sources: There are several other types of food, which should be avoided by the person. Most of the meat products are known to contain wheat gluten. Several examples include pasta, deli meats, rice, imitation meats, breaded meats, hot dogs, canned meats, canned sausages, etc. The other wheat based food to be eliminated from the diet should be malt liquor, pickled food, beer, candy, herb seasoning and instant coffee.

homeo5In case, the individual is suffering extremely from wheat allergy, then it is always advisable for the person to visit a good health care professional to get appropriate diet recommendations. With homeopathic treatment available these days with great ease, the individual can get rid of this allergic problem and can enjoy food of all types. But it is very much important have the check up done from a reputed health expert having adequate exposure and experience in this field. The homeopathic doctor should be licensed to practice his profession from the right authority and should be approachable.

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