Homeopathic relief for asthma

Asthma attacks leave patients breathing with great difficulty. An asthma attack can be rooted in an allergy, viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, emotional stress or by occupational hazards such as working in an atmosphere full of various allergens affecting the patient. The bronchial tubes get constricted and make breathing that much more difficult. Genetic factors can be operative in the case of asthma caused by allergies. The allergen leads to creation of extra immunoglobulins. The blocking and inflammation of the bronchial passage and spasms in the surrounding muscles usher in the asthma attack. Wheezing and breathing difficulty are the manifest results. The attacks are more frequent early in the morning and the patients feel less uncomfortable in sitting as against lying down.


Confirmatory tests

The asthma symptoms comprise of coughing, wheezing, chest tightness and shortness of breath. It is necessary to ensure that these have their origin in some allergy. There are many clinical tests to confirm the diagnosis. These include X-ray, allergen sensitivity tests, sputum and blood tests and pulmonary function tests conducted with a spirometer. The spirometer measures the flow of inhaled and exhaled air and assesses the degree of obstruction in the air passage.

Other treatments

The incidence of eczema often precedes asthma in children. Allopathic medicines try to cure eczema but only succeed in pushing the disease inside, into the asthma phase, say homeopaths.  Homeopaths have an altogether different perspective on asthma. They begin by giving very small doses of the diluted allergen of the patient through the first week. This has been found to provide significant relief. Called homeopathic immunotherapy, this method is claimed to have led to more success in asthma treatment than all others.

The inhalers

Available medicines can control the symptoms to a limited extent. The inhalers help the air flow through the air passages by acting on the muscles there. The steroid inhalers reduce inflammation. But there is some possibility of side effects of a prolonged use of steroid inhalers.

Homeopathic treatment for asthma tries to cure the disease, not just remove symptoms. It tries to find the best possible treatment for the specific patient. It studies the symptoms, family history, and patient’s physical and psychological aspects to determine the cause that is at the root of asthma. Homeopaths study the suppression of skin disease because it is the pre-disease stage. The right homeopathy medicine is now selected and administered to the patient. Homeopaths say that this leads to disappearance of asthma but reappearance of the old eczema. This is reversal of the disease and a sign, say homeopaths.


Effective in child asthma cases too

Homeopathic treatment succeeds to a great extent in curing child asthma too. Such treatment reduces the number of attacks as also their severity and duration. Homeopathic treatment also reduces the use of steroid-based inhalers. The frequency of cold attacks is also brought down significantly.

The medicines

Homeopaths around the world use many different medicines to treat asthma symptoms. These include ars-alb, lachesis, ipecac, spongia, pulsatilla, ignatia, sulphur, hepar-sulph, antim-tart, nat-sulph, tuberculinum, blatta orientalis, ipecacuanha, lobelia inflate, antimonium tartaricum, sambucus nigra, and medorrhinum. The selection of medicine differs from patient to patient. And they should be taken only under the direction of practicing homeopaths.

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