Homeopathic remedies for asthma – An approach to breath fresh air

“Asthma” you might be familiar with this word. If your days are suffering from suffocation and nights are afraid from attacks, then let’s confiscate the reason for ever.

Bronchial-Asthma-Symptoms“Asthma” means ‘painful breathing’ or ‘difficulty in breathing’. This occurs whenever the bronchial are passages are blocked and inflamed due to mucus. It grounds difficulty in inhaling and exhaling. Asthma can also be caused because of Allergens, bacterial infection, stress or family history.

Homeopathic remedy can be a godsend in this disease. It has no side effects and cures asthma from it source. Homeopathic medicines are given after analyzing person as a whole. First, family history, psychological status, symptoms and medical records of patient are analyzed on the theory of individualism. Once the homeopath has gone through the case study he finds the suitable match of medicines for the patient.

Following is the list of some highly proven homeopathic remedies for asthma-

Arsenic Album – Arsenic is the most effectual remedy for all states of asthma whether it is acute or chronic. Dry breath can cause cough and whitish foamy fluid comes out. It is often prescribed when frequency of attacks is more during night, person feel exhausted, anxiousness and great form of restlessness. Breathing problem increases in lying down.


It is also prescribed to children suffering from Asthma. Usually when attacks occur in night, Arsenic is suggested. Child suffers from suffocation as his respiratory passage is blocked with cough. Child faces difficulty in lying down. Problem worsens after mid night. Dry cough is there but can’t be spitted out. Child faces chest burn.

Sambuccus – This is the main homeopathic medicine to cure asthma in children normally when attack comes in night. Child turns blue, has problem in breathing, skin becomes dry and intense sweating occurs on waking. Breast feed child can’t be fed properly because of restricted breathing and blocked nasal passage.

Kali Bichrome – This medicine is given when attack occurs after mid night around 3:00 am to 4:00 am and high amount of mucus is produced.

Pulsatila – Breathlessness is felt just after taking high calorie food. Congestion is chest is experienced mainly in the evening and night. Pulsatila is mainly good for children

Nux Vomica – This medicine is given when gastric symptom is seen with asthma. Tense, congested chest and pressure in stomach is felt during asthma attack. Feeling of heavy, tight stomach and fullness just after the meal in the morning is common in such patients. Nux Vomica along with Carbo Veg is very efficient in such type of case. Self medicine should be highly restricted.

Spongia Tosta- Whooping cough with snoring sound is the best symptom for which this medicine has to be prescribed.  Inhaling and exhaling is highly difficult due to dry mucus, which is very hard to spit out. Tilting back or bending forward usually brings relief. It occurs before midnight while person is asleep.

Dosage direction –You can choose the medicine according to your symptoms, if you are taking self treatment. But, more likely try taking medicines only as directed by your homeopath.

Thus, homeopathic remedies are very successful in giving you a free and healthy life.

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