Homeopathic treatment for food related allergies and sensitivities

Food sensitivities or allergies are considered to be a group of symptoms or signs, which denote adverse immunologic reactions towards food. These days, thanks to the preservatives, coloring agents, pesticides including the latest food storage methods, sensitivities and food allergies are said to have become a common sight across the globe. Manifestations of food sensitivities or allergies are quite specific, and also, highly individualized and depend on the individual’s gender, age and quantum of exposure towards a particular allergen.


What is experienced by the person due to allergic reactions?

In case, the individual is allergic towards some food, then manifestation of the allergic reactions tends to begin as the food starts to enter the mouth. After this, mouth begins to itch and on the food entering the stomach, the abdominal dysfunctions making the person to experience stomach aches, vomiting, diarrhea and cramps. Severe gastroenteritis is present where there is diarrhea and vomiting and might cause drop in the blood pressure. While on the skin, the manifestations, there emerges severe itching, irritation red welts, along with occasional swelling. Respiratory manifestations could vary from slight difficulty to breathe to severe wheeze. Manifestations do differ from one person to the other.


Homeopathic treatment for Wheat Allergy and other food allergies

Homeopathy is termed to be an excellent remedy to treat food sensitivities and allergies. Since the treatment for such problems do need a specific approach, homeopathy does treat food allergies by using simple but highly effective remedies. But food sensitivity does demand treatment which is specific to the issue, a specific manifestation and specific allergen.


Several remedies exclusively for food sensitivities and allergies

Arssenicum Album: It is regarded to be a remedy that is though first when trying to contain any type of food related gastric issues. Such remedies are indicated when patient gets down and is dehydrated severely with repeated passing of ‘rice watery, white liquid stools’ and there is a thirst for cold water in smaller quantities and there is presence of mental and physical restlessness coupled with anxiety.

Calcarea Carbonica: Indications, which specifically ask for usage of such remedy are anxiety, fatigue, and sometimes with fear of heights, claustrophobia, chillness, lack of stamina, etc. Other common symptoms include heart burn and digestive related issues after eating wheat or milk products, swollen lymph nodes, dizziness, tonsils, shortness of breath due to exertion, back pain, strong craving towards sour liquids.

Aloes Socrotina: This is for pain surrounding the navel region. The person senses a distension of abdomen and fullness, along with a feeling of constant requirement for evacuating the bowels. He also feels a burning sensation with loss in power of the rectum’s sphincter with passage of lumpy and mucus stained stool which is undigested.

Gelsemium: People developing symptoms of weaknesses, chillness, muscle pain, trembling, drooping in the eyes because of allergic reactions can avail this remedy. The person also could suffer in neck muscles and back of head and tend to feel weak and ill.

Carbo Vegetabilis: This is a very effective remedy for those individuals, who display indications of faintness, weakness, indigestion because of food allergen reactions and chillness. These patients also are likely to experience strong desire to have fresh air, difficulty to breathe, frequent requirement for burping, flatulence and bloating.

But, one should not take any of the medicines without consulting a homeopathic doctor as it may lead to negative effects also.

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