Homeopathy to treat asthma problems

Homeopathy medicines are termed to be much a smarter and safer alternative. With air pollution rising at a rapid pace all over the world and more especially, in the industrial and urban hubs, there is an increasing incidence of asthma along with other respiratory illness among people. Conservative estimates state that over 300 million people, all over the globe are in great requirement of being treated for asthma, and this number would only increase by extra 100 million by the year 2025.


Features of asthma

Asthma’s characteristic features are excessive reactivity of respiratory system towards different external stimuli that results in narrowing down and constriction with enhanced secretions. Such changes could result in the typical symptoms like:

  • Wheezing
  • Cough
  • Breathlessness

The person’s experience asthma might initially have a constriction feeling in chests before onset of the symptoms. Common allergens, which provoke asthma attack could include moulds, pollen, change of weather, dust, dirt, chemicals in food or air, stress, tobacco smoke and pet animals, etc.

Traditionally, treatment of asthma tends to involve usage of steroids bronchodilators, nebulising agents for relieving narrowing and constriction. Such asthma treatments can help to achieve a greater degree of control on the symptoms. But there are no conventional asthma treatments for reducing excessive sensitivity or reactivity of the airways.

Homeopathic Medicine: Calendula officinalis, Chamomile

Therefore, a well-known fact is that in spite of spending huge amount of money on researches on asthma treatment, it still remains to be the toughest challenge faced by the medical fraternity. The attack could be precipitated easily by the presence of the triggering aspects. Today, the world has been shifting the focus towards asthma treatment in homeopathy that aims towards diminishing excessive sensitivity or reactivity of airwards towards the harmless environmental aspects.

What does homeopathy do?

Homeopathic treatment tries to diminish the hypersensitive response just by modifying the immune system of the patient. It causes a marked reduction in the severity of attacks. This kind of treatment does focus on treating patients instead of treating the disease symptoms. Therefore, homeopathic treatment does assist to regulate the patient’s immune system rather than having it suppressed.

Moreover, this type of treatment does include detailed study of the case history of the patient for finding out the individuality of the patient that distinguishes the person from the others. After creating a unique portrait of the patient in minute details, the remedy, which closely matches are then selected as the perfect remedy.

Treatment of asthma through such remedy does bring out gradually a marked improvement and enhancement in the symptom of the patient, thereby offering him with some initial relief. But more importantly, this properly selected remedy does begin to change the immune response of the patient and then diminishes reactivity of oversensitivity in course of time. Therefore, asthma treatment by homeopathy does bring a gentle, permanent and rapid cure in the individual’s asthma.

Getting the right treatment from a well qualified homeopathic doctor can very well help the person to achieve the desired results and get complete freedom from this disease.

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