Is homeopathic treatment the best course of action?

Asthma patients are known to suffer from allergies and they tend to experience wheezing problems. The homeopathy approach for treatment of this disease is known to improve the health at deeper levels, and at the same time, eliminates the tendency towards asthma. The remedies associated with it prevent a patient from any form of serious attacks. In certain emergencies, the help of a doctor is needed if the person is finding it difficult to breathe or is on the verge of losing consciousness. However, one needs to take into account that there is no full proof treatment for asthma. But, where homeopathic treatment for asthma scores is that, it is devoid of any form of side effects.

In this course of treatment, a holistic approach is the need of the hour. The homeopathic doctors claim that they can provide a complete cure to this treatment and are known to moderate the immune system. This is known to prevent overreaction to allergic causing substances. It treats the patients on the whole and the focus is on him rather than the pathological condition. It is known not to give locally curing medicine, and it works on the concept of treating the ailments and does not work on the individual organs.

Effects of asthma

It means paroxysms of bronchial obstructions. This is bound to create difficulties, which become labored and are accompanied by a wheezing sound. These forms of attacks occur frequently in the morning hours. Patients are more comfortable in sitting position rather than lying on the bed. The right medicine is bound to make the asthma vanish. But the old school of thought still prevails that it finally disappears after some amount of time and this is indeed a good sign.


Regular light exercise

The homeopathic doctors are known to use corticosteroids along with anti allergy broncho dilators to bring about relief. An eye is kept on the allergen, which may cause allergy and needs to be avoided. Patients are advised to go for mild walking or jogging and forbid from any form of heavy exercise. Medication or stress relieving exercise may prove to be beneficial in the long run. In addition to these, the diet should be healthy and at the same time balanced.

Some people tend to resort to self treatment mechanism and use more of low potency medicines. If they notice an improvement, then allow the medicine to continue, otherwise they stop and choose another one. But one is strictly advised not to take any medicine without the guidance of expert homeopath.

Homeopathy subscribes innumerable medicines for asthma. For chronic form of asthma, natrum sulph is an important medicine. In fact, it is referred to as the first remedy. In humid weather, natrum sulph is indeed useful. Specific medicines are used in specific conditions. The dose though depends upon the condition of an individual and the effects of treatment. For some of the patients, one dose may be more than enough while for others it may require more than that.

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