Is homeopathy the best course of treatment?

shutterstock_child asthmaAsthma is a common health condition affecting 5 percent of the population at some point of time in their lives. In this disease, the bronchial tubes tend to become narrow, which makes it very difficult for an individual to breathe. Some of the symptoms associated with the disease are shortness of breath, coughing, as well as, chest tightness. In fact, these symptoms may occur when the body has to exert itself a little extra say when one is running or walking. People who tend to suffer from fever may have asthma like symptoms also. The key is to understand on whether asthma is caused by an allergy as this can offer some direction when one considers the homeopathic treatment point of view. In certain cases, asthma patients may have a strong family history of the incidence of this disease.

Conventional treatment of asthma

In case of conventional forms of treatment, a tab can be achieved on the symptoms of the disease. There are inhalers as well as various courses of medications available. They tend to reduce the inflammation to the maximum extent possible, and if in case the asthma is not severe, then, inhalers in the form of Becotide could do a great job. It is strongly recommended that if someone has asthma, they should not stop the intake of the medicines without prior consultation of the doctor; however, all is not rosy as some people do not like to take drugs and the side effects associated with it.

Homeopathy for asthma

BTB61E_2171048bSo this brings us to the major question on what homeopathy medicines are available for the treatment of asthma? The silver lining is that asthma like any other medical condition can be treated with homeopathy at various levels. An ideal scenario would be to devise a formula where the remedial course of treatment matches with the patient and an eye is kept on the psyche and the manner in which he relates to the surrounding. This in a way would offer a deeper insight into the process of healing. But finding the root cause of asthma is not all that easy and the medicines are generally administered based on the symptoms of the disease. In fact, remedial measures can be also given for the cases of allergic asthma.

In the final analysis, as far as asthma is concerned, the need of the hour is professional treatment and one would not advocate self treatment in any manner. Homeopathic treatment in some ways can be combined with conventional forms of treatment, but in the long run, there must be a reduction in the use of the inhaler and the patient needs to be weaned off from it slowly and steadily.

So if you near and dear ones is suffering from asthma, then rush to the nearest homeopathic clinic at the earliest? In recent times, with the evolution of the online platform, free consultation services are also available on the internet.

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