Juvenile Asthma Problems Find Permanent Cure with Homeopathy Treatment

Diseases observed in the young age may not be scary, but create mental stress for parents, as well as children. Children are not in the position to express their pain still they have to go through the suffering. If they could express their problems, the medication and analysis would be simple. In the growing age, unnatural medication causes hazards and side effects restricting the growth of child. Unavoidable situation as established by diseases like asthma leaves no scope than treating with antibiotics.

Homeopathy has a permanent cure for this disease and has proved success in many cases. Juvenile asthma doesn’t last for many years, but expected after five years of age. Children having allergies for cold and dust have highest chances of turning to asthma. Few pseudo symptoms are observed in the first year of birth, which are confused for asthma. This is too tender age when body is still in process of developing respiratory system. The noise observed at the time of breathing is due to narrow breathing tube. If the same symptoms are observed after five years of age, then homeopathy medication can help in getting rid of this tiring disease.

• Symptoms of asthma in children-

Before the conclusion about the disease, there should be some recurring symptoms like chronic cough, tightness or pain in chest, congestion in respiratory pipe, breathlessness, agitation, nostril flaring while breathing, wheezing, interrupted talking and tiredness. Though the child is engaged in favorite job yet gets tired very soon.


• Causes for juvenile asthma-

Till date, no one could identify the proper cause for asthma in children. Still few guesses are allergies due to pollens, dust, air pollution and smoke. Weak immune system due to poor eating results in failure to produce antibodies and body gets prone to all allergies. Homeopathic treatment can improve the immunity in body. This helps not only to cure asthma, but to keep away many diseases causing from allergies and infections.

• Diagnosis for young age asthma

Examination is compulsory if these symptoms are observed in the child. Main diagnosis includes medical history, spectrometry test and challenge test. The spectrometry test is to forcefully breathe inside the spectrometer, which indicates if lungs are not functioning properly. The medicinal field suggests that homeopathy for Asthma in children is a proven medication and the only alternative medicine in the world. This is a systematic procedure to cure the disease in natural way. Hence, even in homeopathy medication, all health investigations are done systematically. If the asthma is proven in child, then the medication is followed.

• Treatments prescribed-

The treatment prescribed for child asthma is mild and has no side effects. Child can continue with all regular activities at the period of medication. The homeopathic treatment is effective in many ways. It has to be taken only for certain period. Myth is that the homeopathic treatment has to be taken life time. Like any other medication, it can cure after certain dosage. The treatment prepares the body to get stamina and fight the undesirable weather conditions.


Systematic treatment or symptomatic treatment

Like other medicines, homeopathic treatment is not for symptoms but for the diseases. Other medicines cure the symptoms and never assure the relapse after few months. As, in this medication, the disease is treated, as well to kill the symptoms, one can never come across that asthma in future. This is not only systematic, but definitely symptomatic treatment for asthma in children, which never bothers the child with any of the symptoms of asthma.

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