Reasons as to why Homeopathy works

Homeopathy is not a new thing and is a treatment that is carried out more than 200 years ago. The allopathic scientific community had been opposing fiercely against it claiming that there is no scientific base as to explain why this particular treatment works.


Understanding how homeopathy works

• Does homeopathy remedy have medicinal effect since there is present no measurable substance for the remedies?

It is a fact that homeopathic remedies do not contain any measurable substance, but they do not take a huge leap for accepting that scientific instruments have been limited in capacity to measure as the human eye has been limited in the capacity to view in a narrow light spectrum. Disease is seen by homeopathy to begin beyond perceivable spectrum as mis-tunement in vital force and measurable symptoms are actually the results and not cause. It holds true for bacteria and virus, as well.

• It is claimed that no scientific research proves that such remedies are likely to have effect on people

This fact is not true that no scientific proof is available that the remedies of homeopathy have any effect. It used double blind studies in regards to remedies much before scientific methods had reached allopaths. Every remedy has been tested on people. The subjects are known to record their emotional, physical and mental symptoms for over a month on taking the remedy. The data is probed by the manager and sent to compiler, which then picks what symptoms have been common among subjects and then organize it to research and place into repertories and meteria medica. Such remedies do produce continuous symptoms among subjects and are adequate scientific proofs to show that such remedies that have no substance in it do have in effect.

•  Is there proof of Homeopathic treatment having cured anyone of different types of diseases?

There is an adequate proof to show that homeopathic treatment has been curing people of any condition and diseases and this does hold true to a great extent. Science is said to have countless amounts of evidence that people having received treatment of this nature have improved because the test numbers did return to normal, inflammations reduced, growths shrunk and functions returned. Often there are some incurable cases and yet unscientifically they conclude that it is some spontaneous remission.


Most allopaths have discovered that people receiving homeopathic treatment through remedies that fit every individual, the improvement rates are very much higher. It also has been noticed that asthma in children homeopathic treatment is very much effective and has helped thousands of children to be restored to normal condition over a period of time and with appropriate homeopathic treatment, minus the side effects.

In short, it can be said that homeopathy treatment does work much effectively and there is no denying this fact. This type of treatment has survived for more than 200 years and also in hostile and malicious condition. It can be concluded that the coming years would see more and more people opting for this type of treatment.

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