The way homeopathic Asthma treatments are being carried out

Asthma is caused when lungs contract and is not able to freely take in gallons of oxygen. This adversely affects free breathing. Attacks of asthma is signaled by a wheeze sound which you can hear and you experience palpitations. In the sense, you are not able to breathe steadily. It makes you feel quite heavy. Because of the wheeze sound involved with Asthma, the breathing trouble is also called “Wheezing.”

Symptoms associated with the breathing disorder are as follows

As stated in the introductory paragraph, Asthma is a condition where the bronchial tubes become narrower and hence you experience difficulty in breathing. Symptoms that occur in asthma are

a)      Chest tightness

b)      Coughing

c)      Wheezy breathing and

d)     Shortness of breath

People who are prone to dust allergy have prolonged attacks of asthma. Especially if you indulge in cleaning the cob webs of your home, once every fortnight, you may get asthma. So you need to make sure you take the required precautionary measures to see to it that the dust doesn’t enter your nasal area. If you are fond of growing pets like cats and dogs, be extra careful. Cat’s/dog’s hair if it gets into your nose, you may get asthma or hay fever. Asthma is sometimes caused because of family medical history background. Like if someone in your house has had a medical history of having asthma, the same can be transferred on your genes. And you may experience breathing difficulties during the later stages of your life.

exacerbations zulumikenetConventional treatments to get rid of Asthma

Normally when you approach a leading chemist and tell the guy that you are diagnosed with asthma and ask him to suggest what effective drugs can be taken, this method is known as “Over the Counter” drugs. As you are hesitant to approach the doctor as such and want to get things settled at the earliest.

Bronchodilator inhalers or steroid inhalers such as Becotide (Beclomethasone) and Pulmicort (Budesonide) are the commonly available medication for you to get a temporary relief from the breathing disorder.  Bronchodilator inhalers open up the bronchial tubes wider for more air to gush in. This way you are able to breathe better.

The disadvantages linked to conventional or Allopathic medication is that you would only be able to experience a temporary relief from the aggravated condition. And usage of steroids on a prolonged basis can cause major side effects in the later stages of your life. This is where homeopathic asthma treatments come to your rescue.

banner-homeopathyHomeopathy as a treatment

Homeopathy is not actually a treatment, it modifies your life style all together so that you never get occurrence of the disease ever again in your life. Say for example if you are allergic to damp conditions and want permanent relief, you are provided with Blatta Orientalis. It is an extract from oriental cockroaches. Though momentarily you condition may worsen, you get complete relief from the breathing trouble.

If asthma is associated with nausea and vomiting then Ipecacuanha can be suggested. The extracts are made of dried roots of a creeping shrub namely Cephaelis (or Psychotria) ipecacuanha, which is native to Brazil but cultivated in other tropical climates.

This way homeopathy penetrates deep into the disorder and helps you come out of the disease completely.


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