Trusted and Reliable Homeopathic Treatment For Asthma In Children

“Asthma” is a curse especially if it happens in childhood. Due to the blocked air passage and swollen bronchus it makes breathing very suffocation. It’s really throbbing to see your child suffering from the troubled breathing and indecent nap because of attacks at night. Asthma inhibits child mainly from outdoor games, exercise and regular tiring work. In a nutshell, a child suffering from asthma fails to enjoy the most beautiful phase of life because of this tiredly disease.

Homeopathy has proven itself as a boon in curing this disease. It doesn’t provide temporary relief but cures the disease from its root cause. Homeopathy mainly spotlights the immune system of child so that relapse of asthma may not occur and it can be cured finally.

What causes Asthma? – Asthma can be caused because of allergens, weather change, bacterial infection, stress, family history or control of skin disease (if such disease is suppressed they tend to effect other organs and may cause asthma).

The-Asthma-SymptomLet’s have a look on how homeopathy treatment for asthma in children is successful?

Homeopaths goes into a list of details before treating an asthmatic child, they are – symptoms, family history, medical records, pregnancy and delivery history of mother, physical and psychological status of child. After analyzing all the factors and doing the case study on the theory of individualization, a homeopath matches the appropriate medicine with the studied factors and prescribes it to the child.

Following medicines have shown very positive impact on asthmatic children –

Sambucus – Sambucus is the principal homeopathic medicine applicable in Millar’s asthma in children. Child turns blue, faces problem in breathing, skin becomes dry and intense sweating occurs on waking. Breast feed child can’t be fed because child’s of blocked nasal passage.

Arsenic Album – This is another authentic remedy for Asthma in children which is prescribed both in acute and chronic states. It is suggested when attacks occur in night. Child suffers from suffocation as his respiratory passage is blocked with cough and faces difficulty in lying down. Problem worsens after mid night. Dry cough is there but can’t be spitted out. Child faces chest burn.

Pulsatila – Breathlessness is felt just after taking high calorie food. Congestion is chest is experienced mainly in the evening and night. Pulsatila is prescribed when the child suffers from abandonment and is very emotional.

Natrum Sulph – Natrum is also an effective homeopathic remedy for Asthma in children. It is given when attack occurs during humid climate. Child faces problem in walking and this result into pain in the chest. Intense coughing and thick mucus hurts chest in coughing. High congestion in the chest is found. Onset of winter provokes this problem more.

Chamomilla – Chamomilla is prescribed when child suffers from dry cough and wheezes during the day. It is also suggested when child is short tempered, cough rigorously when he is angry and his face turns red in the panic situation.

These are highly trusted, free from side effects and appetizing homeopathic medicines for curing asthma in children. They trigger the immune system and cures disease completely. So, consult homeopath for an effective treatment and gift your child with a healthy childhood.

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