Understanding asthma in relation to homeopathy

Asthma patients tend to suffer from allergies. It is normal for them to experience difficulties in breathing. A homeopathy approach is the best form of treatment for asthma as it gets into the root of the problem and also eliminates the tendency towards it. However, the role of a doctor cannot be discounted if the patient looks pale, finds it hard to breathe and is about to lose consciousness at any point of time. There is no foolproof treatment for asthma, and out of the various courses, homeopathy treatment in asthma offers the best bet as it is devoid of any form of side effects. Patients often tend to report improvement in their moods, digestion along with quality of sleep. In some cases, homeopathic medicines tend to achieve instant results, which would not have been possible with the conventional form of medicines. So, instead of the last resort, homeopathy should be the first course of action always.


The homeopathy approach adopts a holistic concept towards treatment of asthma. The patient as a whole is treated and efforts are made to increase the resistance power of the immune system. The focus is on the patient and not on the pathological condition of the patient. In no way, homeopathy treats the individual organs and locally obtained medicine is no where prescribed in the course of treatment. In simple terms, the focus is on the patient and not on the disease. First of all, the medical history of the patient is studied along with the physiological and physical symptoms. In some cases, disease tends to be shown up in lesser organs like the skin. Then it moves over to the major organs like the lungs, heart along with the brain. In fact, the entire process of diagnosis is of the utmost importance as it will pave way for the correct course of treatment. It speeds up the healing mechanism and the level of anxiety is also reduced to a negligible level.

Asthma and bronchial obstruction are virtually two sides of the same coin. Spasms may accumulate, which may tend to choke the bronchi. Breathing difficulties are bound to be created, which are pretty laboured and are followed by a wheezing sound. Asthma attack is more prone in the morning hours of the day. Rather than lying on the bed, the patients feel all the more comfortable sitting down. In a split second, with the right medicine, asthma tends to vanish. But the old school of thought prevails “with the passage of time, it may disappear eventually”. This is indeed a good sign.

Numerous medicines are prescribed for asthma by homeopathy. For example, in case of chronic asthma, Natrum Sulph may be important. It is the first form of remedy and a fact mentioning is that the remedial measures are influenced significantly by the conditions. But before the consumption of any medicine, take the expert opinion of a doctor.

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