Wheat allergy: A sure shot treatment by homeopathy

Some diseases are wide-reaching and one of the most prominent examples of such disease is Celiac disease. It is a synonym of wheat allergy or gluten resistance. It has spread its arms in Europe and United States mainly in North America. 5% of the total population gets affected by celiac disease every year in North America.

wheat-allergyUnderlying aspect –

A)    Gluten is a protein present in wheat which induces immunoglobulin E in the body. This stimulation in the immune system causes swelling in the digestive tract and high inflammation in the entire intestinal wall. Henceforth, digestive system becomes weak and loses its capacity to digest food and become allergic towards wheat or gluten rich product.

B)    More explicit result of gluten resistance causes celiac disease. The unabsorbed protein fragment of gluten triggers an autoantibody (transglutaminase) against it. This autoantibody mingles to for crosslink with the unabsorbed section of gliadin ( a major component of gluten). This cross linking in turn causes many immune and digestive disorders. Some of the major disorders are listed below –

  • Anaemia
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Appetite loss
  • Weight loss
  • Nervous disorder
  • Rashes on skin
  • Malnutrition

C)    Excessive use of herbicide like Monsanto’s glyphosate (Roundup) can also induce gluten prejudice in the body. Researchers have stated that glyphosate reaches in the gut and disturbs the gut bacteria. These gut bacteria’s are very helpful in digestion but when it is imbalanced by glyphosate it reduces cytochrome P450 enzyme in the gut. Reduced cytochrome P450 enzyme in turn hampers many digestive functions like decrease in bile secretion, vitamins absorption and removal of toxins. Thus, gluten (a wheat protein) intolerance or wheat allergy mounts up in the body.

D)   Insufficiency of some elements and amino acids like iron, copper, molybdenum, rare metals, tryptophan, selenomethionine and tyrosin affects the amino acid chain and increases the sensitivity of wheat allergy.

Therapy for wheat allergyHomeopathy for wheat allergy treatment is the best proved remedy for wheat allergy. Homeopaths considers person as a whole before starting the treatment. He goes through the entire case study of the patient counting his family background, medical records, psychological status and symptoms showing the disease. Once the case study is complete, homeopaths matches’ the medicines according to the diagnosed reason and the status of the patient and then prescribes it to them.


  • Homeopathic medicines works on immune system and reduces the sensitivity towards the wheat and its product
  • Along with the remedies homeopaths suggest to evade high gluten contents like- wheat, biscuits and other food products for sometimes. As the body starts responding to the medicines, intake of these products can be increased and once it is cured completely patients can have their normal diet.
  • Homeopathic is free from any kind of side effect hence it is the safest medicinal remedy to choose.

Furthermore, homeopathic medicines are highly effective in curing wheat allergy provided that self medicines should be strictly avoided and treatment should be done under the supervision of an expert and experienced homeopath.

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